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I like this play, because it gives you a scoring opportunity in the post and if that is not there, one of your guards will have one side of the floor cleared out for the dribble drive.


Players 4 & 5 should be your strongest post players. Players 2 & 3 should have the capability to dribble drive.


Double1 (4K)
  1. Players 2 & 3 cut diagonally to the wing from the block. You probably want to assign either Player 2 or Player 3 to cut first every time, so they do not run into each other.
Double1 (4K)
  1. Player 1 passes to Player 3.

  2. The following players will make their cuts simultaneously. Player 1 cuts to the corner on the ball side. Player 4 cuts diagonally across the lane to the elbow (high post) on the ball side. Player 2 cuts to the top of the key to clear out weakside help.
Double1 (4K)
  1. Player 3 then looks to pass the ball to Player 5 in the post.
Double1 (4K)
  1. If player 3 can not get the pass directly into Player 5, he/she can pass to Player 4 in the high post, which would create a better angle to pass the ball. It is important for Player 5 to keep the defensive player pinned on his outside hip, which will create a clear lane to the hoop.
Double1 (4K)
  1. If nothing is there, Player 3 passes to Player 2. Player 2 will have the whole left side to drive or pull up for a shot.
Double1 (4K)
  1. If Player 2 does not have a good scoring opportunity, he dribbles to the left wing.
Double1 (4K)
  1. As player 2 dribbles to the wing, Player 1 cuts to the opposite corner. Player 4 & 5 cut across the lane. Player 3 comes to the top of the key. Now, you are in the same formation, but on the right side of the court.

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Coach Bri says:
12/27/2018 at 11:32:00 AM

About the rebounding when the ball goes up one you follow your shot, then 5 goes off side to rebound and 4 goes to ball side to rebound..it’s about quickness and watching the ball...I actually like this and if your team stay ready they don’t have to get ready or be ready...because they are always stay ready...positive vibes...


mahesh says:
5/2/2015 at 3:29:48 AM

ok one thing you have to understand is that if your team is quick and have been trained and coached to be play makers this overload with additional variations is no problem. the reason you would want different variations is to keep the defense guessing and involve all players to use their strongest moves in the areas you have seen them perform at. if you have a 2 that shoots and hits over 60% from a certain side, then design something to get that player involved and spark the score board. this is the same when you have miss matches on your big man down low; or you got a big man that has been trained to be quick and explsive with drop steps and the deadly hook; a playmaker on the move to the basket. look. my variation and anyone elses is not over loading to once side something designed without understanding the probabilities. one thing you look at is the press you go into once you shoot and make the shot. you train the players to make high percentage shots with the mind set that once we shoot we go into the press or base of our defense without turning your back on the offense. i run the 55 press like rutgers university. my offense is designed for each players strengths to be used together. and with the overload since i run a 55, i have three under the boards and two robbers in position. not getting ready, because they already are. and yes this work against a zone, and the overload can be started from half court coming out of your press break.


Luke Wilson says:
1/23/2015 at 10:16:17 PM

This is not a drill, it is a play!


Dan Kosak says:
9/19/2013 at 6:06:48 PM

One problem with the overload offense is that you do not have a rebounder on the weakside block. A lot of missed shots will bounce that way.


Coach Alex says:
5/28/2013 at 9:36:38 AM

Not a fan. Very poor spacing. Remove the low post (5) player to weak side wing and let the high post (4) player screen for strong side wing (3) and corner (1).

UConn runs this often with very good success.


iamnumber7 says:
5/18/2013 at 11:32:41 AM

a good way to scramble the zone... a compact position also gives chances for easy picks... 4 also has space to maneuver... great play... 5 can give a screen to 1, it''ll give him an easy basket... provided 1 is faster (which usually is) than 5''s defender...


Abby says:
11/18/2012 at 8:19:03 PM

I love this overload man to man play! I love how there are so many different options, and options for options. It's really organized, and really is a good post play!


Dana says:
2/24/2012 at 5:50:14 PM

Would this work against a good sagging defense?


Bob says:
7/2/2010 at 10:09:28 AM

Great high school play, will not work at the more advanced levels. If you have 5 players on half the court, a 6-11 center a quick guard can literally cover all 5. Whoever is on the one will dig down on the 5. The guy on the 3 digs the 4. The high low wont work because of the one and the Iso on the 2 will run into the 5 on the helpside, the one will be digging on the 5 so he'll be iced and then the orginal guy covering the 3 will take first ball between 1/3. Also its very easy to prevent the swing and then the offense if stalled. Will work on a zone and only may work on man to man if you have lights out shooters (in which case your league probably has 6-11 centers to begin with)


Coach K junior says:
2/21/2010 at 12:14:20 AM

Against a zone, I run this exact play except I run the 1 (PG) under the 5 (C) into the corner. The bottom guy in the zone always jumps to the corner thinking we are looking for a corner 3 and then we enter the ball to the 4 (PF) flashing to the elbow and we get hi-low action all the time. I have run this at both the freshman and varsity levels and had success at both levels.

Hope this helps.


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