Do This To Get College Scouts To Come To Your Games

Listen to what Breakthrough Elite Guard Camp director Adam Hepker says about making your team better. If you are serious about making it to the next level, make sure to listen to what Adam has to say.

Adam Hepker was a point guard at Mid America Nazarene University where he was a 3-time All American, National Champion, and Hall of Fame inductee. Adam is currently an assistant coach at Mid America Nazarene.

In the video, Adam talks about passing the torch. It sounds easy, but most players really miss the boat with this. And that is why certain players and programs always succeed and some donít.

As a player, I know I failed in this regard.

As Adam mentioned in the video...

This means that you need to show the younger players what it takes to succeed. You have to lead by example and also verbally.

This includes things like:

  • Show your teammates how to practice.
  • Calling your teammates to workout.
  • What to do in the offseason.
  • Teaching the how to compete.

Why does this matter for you?

If youíre a true competitor, you donít care about how many points you score. You care about having your team win. And by making your teammates better, you win more games.

College coaches want kids from programs that know how to win. They donít look for volume scorers. They look for winners.

So by being a leader and doing things the right way, everybody, including you, will benefit more from this approach.

Also, by showing the young players how to compete, you build the foundation for a great program. Nothing is better than knowing how your influence and work habits affected dozens and possibly hundreds of players that came to play at your program after you.

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