4 Basketball Drills You Can Do Inside Your House

By Kate Tuttle

As we roll through the winter months, the weather outside can make playing basketball in the driveway or outside at the park a bit more challenging. The good news is you donít need a gym or even a basketball hoop to practice your basketball skills Ė in many cases you just need a basketball. Here are 4 drills you can do inside your house, even while watching TV.

#1. Barber Pole

Work on your ball handling skills and simulate a behind-the-back dribble move by standing with your feet together and taking the ball around your body right hand to left starting with your head. After circling your head, move to your waist, legs and then your ankles, circling each with the basketball. Work your way back up to your head and then repeat going left hand to right. Keep your eyes up throughout the drill to ensure you are getting a feel for the ball without watching it. Time yourself to see how quickly you can complete this drill. Improve your hand speed and arm strength by executing this drill using V-Bands (Velocity Bands) Wrist Weights.

#2. Figure Eights

Improve your ball handling skills and simulate a between-the-legs dribble with this drill. Start by standing with your legs shoulder-width apart with your knees slightly bent. Take the ball in your right hand and move it to your left hand by putting it through your legs from the front to the back. Then with the ball in your left hand bring it around the outside of your left knee and move it to your right hand by putting it through your legs from the front. Once you have done this several times switch to do a reverse figure eight where you put the ball in your right hand behind your right leg and move the ball to your left hand from back to front. Be sure to keep your head and eyes up and donít let the ball hit the floor. See how many figure eights you can do in 1 minute. Develop quick hands and improve arm strength by executing this drill using V-Bands (Velocity Bands) Wrist Weights

#3. On the Floor Form Shooting
Strengthen your shooting muscles and practice your shooting stroke by lying on your back and shooting the basketball into the air. Catch the ball and repeat. Focus on your arm extension and the release of the basketball, making sure you follow-through to ensure proper backspin.

#4. Sit in Your Stance

Improve your lower-body strength and endurance with this defensive stance drill. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and bend your knees so your body is in a squat position. This simulates a defensive position and helps you work on proper defensive positioning. Hold this position as long as you can. Time yourself and see if you can hold the position longer each time you do it.

Looking for additional ball handling and footwork drills you can do at your house? Check out our Ball Handling and Footwork Workouts (Home or Gym). Get over 100 drills with detailed instructions, emphasis points and streaming video for EVERY DRILL.



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