Number of Passer

Categories: Ballhandling / Dribbling  Press Breaker  
Ages: All Ages  Youth  Middle School  High School+  

Purpose of the Drill:

Improve passing in game like conditions and handle full court pressure. This is one of the best ways to get players to pass well under game like conditions. It forces players to work hard to get open and make accurate passes.
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  • You'll use the entire court in this drill and you can go 3 on 3, 4 on 4, or 5 on 5.
  • There is only one rule: Your players cannot dribble the ball.
  • This forces players to make accurate passes, move to get open, meet the pass, use the pivot, use pass fakes, and create good passing angles.
  • Award 1 point for each completed pass and 2 points for each pass that leads to a successful lay up.
  • Each team gets one offensive opportunity.
  • The team with the most points wins.

Points of Emphasis:

  • When faced with difficult conditions, help players see how they can get open.
  • Meet the pass.
  • Move to get open.
  • Use pass fakes.
  • Use your pivot to get the pass angle.
  • Throw crisp and accurate passes.
  • Pass away from the defense.
  • Receivers should extend their hand away from the defense and show a target.

Motivation/Teaching Tips:

  • You can add a little extra incentive by making the losers to do push ups or awarding the winner.


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Paul says:
8/14/2010 at 7:26:06 PM

Hey Paul,
Check out these great Drills from Breakthrough Basketball.




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