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As noted in the video, this 1 on 1 drill is great for improving your dribble moves and attacking the hoop.  It’s another drill variation to improve your offensive attacking skills and defense. You are rewarded for being efficient with your dribble, using fakes, and moving in straight lines. Additionally, the defense improves their lateral speed and quickness.
Offense and defense starts on the baseline. Offense’s goal is to reach the free throw line without turning or changing the directions. The offense can not dribble outside the lane line. The defense’s goal is to make the offense turn as many times as possible. Turn is when a player changes direction, loses the ball, or steps outside the lane line.
Frame 1
Once the offense (player 1) reaches the free throw line, the defense (player 2) becomes the offensive player. Each turn that the defender (player 2) initially forced determines how many dribbles they get on offense to score. Older players can start at the 3-point line.  Younger players can start at the free throw line. You can keep score.
Frame 2
Each Turn = 1 Additional Dribble 0 Turns = No Dribbles. 1 Turn = 1 Dribble. 2 Turns = 2 Dribbles and so on. Youth players can start with 1 dribble. 0 Turns = 1 Dribble. 1 Turn = 2 Dribbles. 2 Turns = 3 Dribbles and so on. Related Resources: Essential Youth Skills & Decision Making Camps Breakthrough Shooting & Ball Handling Camps


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Coach LaMacchia says:
6/21/2019 at 8:52:21 AM

Love this drill.


Greg says:
3/8/2018 at 10:01:11 AM


Love concept of "earning" dribbles.

Having even a brief video alongside the text and diagrams *greatly* increases the likelihood of getting my attention/focus.


Coach D says:
3/8/2018 at 9:55:58 AM

I already use this drill and it''s a good one. Makes your players face up the defender and dribble in traffic.

You should line your waiting players along the lane lines to further enforce the rule because we know players don''t always respect a painted line. It''s up to you to enforce the no-turn rule.


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