How to Use Side Ball Screens to Beat a 2-3 Zone Defense

In the video and diagrams below, you are given multiple ways to beat a 2-3 zone defense with a side ball screen. This plays focus on creating 2v1 advantages based on the defense's actions.   The video is from Zak Boisvert.  He does some great X's and O's stuff from college and pro teams.
Top Defenders Switch Ball Screen - Overload Weakside When the top guard defenders switch the ball screen, you want to overload the weakside. The weakside is the opposite side of where the ball screen happens. This will create 2v1 offensive opportunities.
Frame 1
As you can see, defender X3 has to pick between guarding 2 and 3. If the defender shades towards 3, 2 has a wide open shot. If the defender stops 2 from shooting, a quick pass for 3 will lead to an open shot.
Frame 2
Also, notice how 3 slides to the corner to create more space from the defense. At the same time, you will notice that 5 locates and seals the middle zone defender, x5 in this situation. This opens up a potential entry pass or puts 5 in good rebounding position. It's also good for 4 to crash the weakside boards.
Frame 3
Baseline Cutter - At 0:43 If the bottom defender comes towards 2 aggressively, x3 in this situation,  5 immediately cuts to the center of the lane.  This occupies defender x5. 3 cuts along the baseline for an open pass or lob.
Frame 4
Ball Defender Goes Over Screen - Strong Side Attack At 0:54, the defender on the ball goes over the screen. If this happens, you can attack the strong side.  This is the side of the floor where the ball screen started.
Frame 5
4 pops out to the wing. 3 spaces to the corner. 5 cuts to high post area. You can also have 3 slide up to the wing and 4 slide to the corner.  You can see this at 1:05.
Frame 6
When 4 receives the pass, defender x4 has to pick between guarding 3 or 4.
Frame 7
Delayed Baseline Cutter - At 1:15 Another way to attack this is to delay the baseline cutter to the strong side. This is a continuation from diagram 5: Ball Defender Goes Over Screen. 4 is the delayed baseline cutter in this situation. As the screener 5 cuts across the lane, this briefly occupies defender x5. 3 cuts up to the wing.  This occupies defender x4. As a result, 4 should have an opening along the baseline out to the corner.
Frame 8
Misdirection and Post Entry - At 1:40 In this video clip, they run some initial misdirection then enter the ball into the post. As 1 comes off the screen, 2 cuts to the opposite wing. 3 spaces to the corner. 4 cuts to opposite block to temporarily slide defender x5 to the center of the floor.  This is critical for the next step. 5 cuts and seals x5 in the lane.
Frame 9
2 passes to 5.
Frame 10
Variation:  Second Ball Screen Pops - At 1:52 Here is a variation where there is a second ball screen.  However, the second ball screener pops to the wing creating a 2v1 advantage.
Frame 11
1 passes to 2 to initiate the second ball screen.
Frame 12
1 spaces out to the wing. 4 cuts to the opposite block. 5 cuts up to set a ball screen. 2 comes off the ball screen.
Frame 13
However, 5 barely touches defender x2. 5 immediately pops to the wing. As a result, defender x3 is stuck in no-man's land.  Defender x3 has to pick between guarding 3 or 5. And 4 is in good rebounding position on the weakside. Also, notice in the video clip at 2:10, 3 fakes to the opposite baseline.  This further confuses defender x3 because they think 3 has cut to the opposite baseline.
Frame 14


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