A Unique Twist For Setting Ball Screens (From The NBA)

"Defense can't guard two things in a row." -- Coach Chuck Daly Coach Daly believed that one defender could not guard two different actions in a row.  The defender is either late or not given enough time to process the play & make the correct action against the offense. Here is a unique twist of this principle for setting ball screens that results in more scoring plays.  It’s called a Ram Screen. This video gives a detailed breakdown of the screen.
As you can see, you set a screen for the player setting the ball screen. This is great because it creates space for the player setting the ball screen.  It puts the defender in a recovery position from the start. Not only does the defender have to cover distance, they have to cover distance on a delay. If the defender tries to hedge, they are often out of position.  As the video shows, your ball handler can turn the corner or pull up for a jump shot.  The roll to the basket by the screener can also be wide open. If the defender stays near the basket, it gives your ball handler open shots in the lane. And if the defense collapses, you can kick out to open shooters on the perimeter.
Frame 1
And if the screener’s defender starts to cheat on the first screen, a quick slip to the basket keeps the defense honest.
Frame 2


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Greg says:
5/17/2017 at 11:45:09 AM

Great video, good breakdown.

Thanks for doing this.

Next step would be for someone to take video lessons like these are re-author/crystalize towards a youth game / coaching audience viewpoint.

Just starting up with a middle school summer team, plan on using PandR and alot of transition, as we are quite small


balakrishna says:
5/17/2017 at 5:20:30 AM



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