Villanova Flat: High Ball Screen And Roll

This is another one of Villanova's four-out ball screen motion plays.  Flat is a tad different as the purpose of the high ball screen by the post player to relieve pressure on the point guard if the defense picks up man-to-man at half-court or beyond.  Flat could also work against a 1-3-1 defense where the point guard is picked up at half-court or beyond. Villanova uses Flat to attack the extra space that is created when the defense extends their pressure. 
Note: If the play is after a made basket, the inbounder clears.  This is the same if the play follows a missed shot. 1 brings up the ball. x1 picks up 1 before the 10-second line. 5 is in the middle of the court, knowing the defense is pressuring the ball. 2, 3 and 4 are interchangeable if using a four-guard lineup. Note: In a few of the video clips, 3 starts near the block.  When 1 attacks, 3 cuts the opposite corner.
Frame 1
At 0:09 - In the first clip and second clip, 1 dribbles up the middle of the floor. 5 steps up to set flat ball screen and rolls to the basket after 1 dribbles by him. Note: 1 can attack either side of the ball screen and looks to get to the rim. 4 slides down below the foul line extended.  Towards the end of the play, 4 slides back up the 3-point line towards the top. 3 cuts to the opposite of 1 and fills the right corner.
Frame 2
At 0:31, there is a wrinkle, except 3 executes a zipper cut. The set up is the same as before. 1 dribbles to the left off of 5's ball screen. 4 slides down the wing. 2 slides up the wing. 5 rolls down the center of the floor.  5 can also stop to set a screen for 3. 3 cuts baseline and has the option of cutting to the opposite corner or doing a zipper cut. In the video, 3 zipper cuts up the right lane line as 1 attacks the hoop.
Frame 3
At 0:50, you can see that the play can also be run with all of the guards starting on the perimeter.
Frame 4
As you can see, 1 has a lot of options after coming off the ball screen: 1. Drive to the basket. 2. Pull up for a shot. 3. Kick-out to 2, 3 or 4 for 3-pt shot. 4. Hit 5 rolling to bucket or for a perimeter shot. If no shot is taken, you can go into a 4 out motion or your ball screen offense, etc...
Frame 5


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