SLOB: Brad Stevens Late Game Play

Brad Stevens is the master of the clipboard and here is a great late game play. This play can be used to get a quick layup or an open three-point shot from the wing, depending on how the defense plays or the time and score. 
1 should start in the backcourt to allow for more spacing. 5 starts on the free throw lane line at the elbow on the right side. 2 begins on the free throw lane line at the elbow on the left side. 3 is on the left wing either inside or outside the three-point line. 4 should be a good ball-handler and passer.
Frame 1
2 initiates the play by curling off of 5's screen. The screen should be a hit and go. 5 then will lift toward 1 at mid-court to set a back screen for 1. 1 will cut toward the basket, slightly angling the cut towards 4. 4 will inbounds the ball to 1. 3 takes a few hard steps toward the basket and then will space out wide to the three-point line.
Frame 2
4 steps inbounds after the pass. 2 finishes the cut to the right corner. 3 stays wide, outside the three-point line. 5 runs to the rim. 1 drives to the basket.
Frame 3
1's options are... 1 - Attack the basket. 2 - Pull-up for a short jumper. 3 - Pass the ball to 5, who goes to bucket or pulls-up for jumper. 4 - Pass it out to 2, 3, or 4 for a perimeter shot.
Frame 4
Alternative Play - 1 Is Not Open:  This play starts the same as the original play. However, 1 is not open, so 4 does not pass the ball to 1.
Frame 5
1 continues basket cut. 2 continues cut to right corner. 5 peels back to inbounder off back screen.  4 passes to 5.
Frame 6
1 pauses around the rim. After 4 steps inbounds after the pass, 2 and 4 exchange.
Frame 7
2 continues up cutting toward 5, who is dribbling towards 2. 5 hands off to 2.
Frame 8
2 dribbles toward the three-point break line. There are two options from here depending on your personnel and the defense. 1 - 1 can set back screen for 3, and then pop-out to wing for possible three-pointer. 2 - 3 can set a downs screen for 1.
Frame 9
If 1 doesn't shoot, 1 could drive or look for 3 posting up. 1 also drives to the hoop or 2 also could go set a ball screen.
Frame 10
Other Notes & Tips: Spacing in the opening alignment is key. 2 could also begin the play in the center at the top of the circle. If defense doesn't shift with 2 on the curl, 4 could slip the ball to 2. If 1 isn't able to catch the inbounds, 5 would peel back to the ball as the safety. If 5 has the range, they can shoot from the three-point line. Otherwise, 5 should crash the boards unless they receive the pass.  Resource:  60 Baseline Out of Bounds (BLOB) Scoring Plays


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Basketball Coaching says:
11/7/2018 at 9:48:05 PM

Thank you for the tips! These would be a great addition to the players' strategy lessons.


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