Position Sealing

This is an intense and competitive drill that teaches players how to seal, improve angles, and watch the player...not the ball.  
Begin with one offensive and one defensive player in middle of court (represented by 2 on offense and x3 on defense in the diagram).  Surround those two players with three other players (1, 5 & 4 in the diagram).
Frame 1
The surrounding players are trying to make a pass into the offensive player (#2). The offensive player must try to seal the defender and create a passing lane. The pass must be a direct chest pass. It can not be a lob or a bounce pass. The surrounding players can pass to #2 or one another. If the defensive player steals the ball, he changes to offense. Each successful pass counts as one point. Keep score and play to a set number of points before rotating in new players.
Frame 2
Drill variations and emphasis
  • Watch the players (instead of the ball) so you make quicker decisions after receving the pass.
  • Require communication (call out skip pass, etc)
  • Use 4 passers
  • Use 4 passers and 2 players sealing


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Alex says:
11/22/2015 at 2:06:59 PM

Great drill for high school post players.


Dana Lawrence says:
11/20/2015 at 2:20:55 PM

Nice drill and concept!! Will try it tonight! Thanks


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