Basketball Coaching Tip: How to Develop an Effective "Team" Oriented Offense

Here's a simple tactic to really get your players working together.

You simply gather your players together and tell them something like this...

  "Listen up! This is extremely important!

The definition of an offense is 5 players working together to score as many points as possible. Right?

This might sound simple but listen again... An offense is 5 players working together to score as many points as possible to create the highest shooting percentage possible.

Now this means everyone here needs to change their thought process. Individuals mean nothing. It does NOT matter who takes the shot. Or who scores the points. It's all about the team.

Think about it. Our goal is to get the highest shooting percentage possible. That means we need to get easy and uncontested shots close to the basket."

Next step...

Now put all your players in a man-to-man offense situation.

Tell them...

  "Now, think about this for a minute. What can you do with these 4 other players on the floor to get someone a REALLY great shot?"

Pause for a moment and let them think.

  "How bout things like...

- Better spacing?
- Screens?
- Ball reversals?
- Passing?
- Reading the defense?"

Now go ahead and have them run the offense. But do NOT count points unless it was the result of an assist.

Let the players start really thinking and understanding this concept. Let them come up with ways to score.

The goal is to get the team really moving and passing the ball to get a great shot. This should be an emphasis throughout the year. There is too much one-on-one basketball these days.

Kids just don't get it.

But I have found that by going through this exercise and making your players think about what they are doing really helps them work together.

Try it out and see what happens. I think you'll find that it will help you build a more effective team oriented offense.


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Coach DEC says:
11/13/2016 at 11:24:04 PM

How do you develop your own offense?


Kathy says:
11/14/2014 at 12:49:58 PM

I'm not sure if this thread is up and running, but I thought I would give it a try. I am an experienced coach- 7th and 8th grade girls. This year I have a VERY TALL TEAM 5'9"- 6'3" (2 6'3" girls) I've never had such a tall team. We will be, by far, taller than any team we face. I have 6 returners including my point guard but she's 5'11" now. 5'9" can handle the ball. I've always run a set offense depending on the defense obviously. I want to really take advantage of the height. I've read about double screens down low, but what else? Truthfully, I was just thinking of taking jumpers and offensive rebounds. But, I don't want to be just an unorganized mess. I understand basketball and have imagined many things, but I don't want to make it super complicated for them either. Any advice would be great!


jerlin says:
1/28/2014 at 6:11:37 PM

Ohh thats great !! .. and yess i will thanks for the advisess


Ken Sartini says:
1/28/2014 at 5:56:57 PM

Jerlin -

Isn't there a team at the high school you will be going to?

I would suggest that you go to any camps the basketball program is having so they can see how hard you try.

Try to be a leader here, show the kids by how hard you try, what it takes to be successful. Show them the way so to speak.

I would also advise you to talk to your other Coach ... Mr. C and ask him what to do in this situation.


jerlin says:
1/28/2014 at 5:45:14 PM

thanks .. and thats soo true .. But im in middle school and they say that next year we cant play because its our last year .. but yea we have to step upp .. and im going to try to do my best this year as always and thanks for the advisee :)


Ken Sartini says:
1/28/2014 at 10:07:58 AM

Jerlin -

You are going to have some coaches that you like and some that you dislike, the longer you play this game. You are going to learn some things from every coach that you play for, some good and some bad. Separate the two.

When you win the coach is great, when you lose, he knows nothing... just goes with the territory. There are good and bad in all walks of life... and this is part of your learning experience as you are growing up.

Try to have some fun and then look forward to next year and hopefully you will have a better experience.

Good luck


jerlin says:
1/27/2014 at 9:30:31 PM

Hello , im a basketball player at my school .. and i have a group of lazy kids in my team and everytime when we play a game they always in lala land .. they dont do NOOO defense and they complain when we loose a game .. i also feel that my coach doesnt knoe how to coach every game we have all they do is stand there and dont do anything .. we hardly have practice (well we do ) but .. they just dont knoe how to coach .. but when my old coach mr.C comes coach our games he helps us . and we win games or we loose by 4 .. We need help .. i dont know what to do . I just want my team to become better and do well on every game .. can u help me ?


Ken Sartini says:
1/19/2014 at 4:09:33 PM

I reallly don't have an answewr then. I'm not there so its pretty hard to see what is going on.

Try being a leader without being over bearing... maybe that will help.


Molly says:
1/19/2014 at 1:28:25 AM

I've tried talking to the coaches all of them are lost..


Ken Sartini says:
1/18/2014 at 9:54:17 AM

Molly -

Tough spot to be in... maybe you could sit down with the asst. coach and ask him what "WE" can do to become a better, more cohesive team.

If you don't have an asst. go to the head coach.
Good luck


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