This Sneaky Perimeter Cut Will Increase Post Scoring

This simple perimeter cut will increase your scoring from the post.

Here is a clip from Don Kelbick’s Motion Offense video that explains how to execute it.

As Don Kelbick mentions in the video, this is called a rub cut.

A rub cut differs from the flex cut. The rub cut is designed to get the post player open.

On the rub cut, the cutter goes over the top and through the screener’s defender.

This should open a gap for the post player to flash to the ball and receive a pass.

Tips For The Rub Cut:

On the cut, make sure you don’t make it look like a screen. Otherwise, you will be called for an illegal screen which results in an offensive foul.

Here are two things you can do to make it look like a legal cut.

Cut with your hands up - You can do this with your hands over your head as in the video. You can also give the passer a target in front of your chest.

Look at the passer - If you’re looking at the passer with your eyes, this makes it look like a cut rather than an illegal screen.

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Sam K. says:
6/9/2017 at 9:55:59 AM

I don''t know, the rub cut demonstrated in the video still looks a lot like an illegal screen to me. Yes, the hands are up and he is looking at the ball, but clearly the intent as demonstrated is to screen and not to receive the ball. Maybe it would look different full speed with 10 guys on the floor?


Rob D says:
12/6/2017 at 10:46:48 AM

At the youth level, this cut as demonstrated, will be called a moving screen every time.


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