Why Half-Court Offenses Are Overrated

Coach Rob Brost is 4x Illinois Coach of the Year and a USA Basketball court coach.

And he has a very unique perspective on half court offense...

He thinks half court offenses can be overrated and coaches tend to spend too much time on them.

And if you truly want a better offense, you need to spend more time on transition offense! And he can prove it...

For the last 15 years at Bolingbrook High School - just west of Chicago, Illinois - his stat keepers have been tallying up the numbers.

One look at those numbers, and the proof is undeniable...

His team shoots a 40% Effective Field Goal Percentage in their half court offense.


His team shoots a 70% Effective Field Goal percentage when they get out in transition.

So, he runs an offensive system that encourages his players to get out into transition as often as possible... even on dead balls!

If you'd like to learn how to ramp up your offensive system... even if you have less talent... visit the following page:

Rob Brost's Get Comfortable Playing Offense At An Uncomfortable Pace


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