These 3 Unique Offense Rules Will Help You Score More Points

Rule 1: The purpose of the dribble is to get by someone and get to the basket.

Rule 2: Do not give anyone the ball in scoring position where they CANNOT score.

Rule 3: If you get the ball around the basket, look to score first.

The reasoning is actually quite simple!

1 - Excluding free throws, shots close to the basket (within 5 feet) are the most efficient shots in basketball.

2 - Passive players won't miss easy scoring opportunities with a score first mentality.

3 - Passing can lead to lower percentage shots and lead to more turnovers which lowers offensive efficiency. You already got a great shot... why pass it up!?

4 - Shots close to the basket have the highest offensive rebound ratio. So you get more opportunities to score. And even if you miss, you get another high percentage shot close to the basket.

5 - Shots close to the basket draw more fouls on your opponents. This leads to foul trouble for your opposition. Also, you're more likely to reach the bonus...

6 - This leads to more free throws which is the most efficient shot in basketball.

7 - And if you're shooting free throws at the end of games, you're more likely to win more close contests.

And as Don Kelbick says... Sure. There will be some bad shots. However, the score first mentality will lead to a better outcome over time.

Video Resource: Don Kelbick's Motion Offense Videos & eBook

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