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The following video and article will cover three counters your team can run when the defense hard hedges your ball screens. Teaching your team these counters will lead to layups and open perimeter jump shots. The counters are easy to learn and will make your opponent think twice about hedging your screens.

If not handled properly, a hard hedge can disrupt the flow of your offense and even create turnovers. The video and instructions below will show you how to combat this approach.

Instructions & Diagrams:

Quick Slip

  • On the initial ball screen, if the defender x4 hard hedges, the screener (player 4) slips to the basket.

  • The ball handler will fake a dribble at the screen and look for a pass to the screener (player 4) who is cutting to the basket.

  • If x5 stops the screener/slipper (player 4) after the catch, player 5 could be open for a dump down pass.

Attack The Hard Hedge

  • If the screener (player 4) is not open on the slip because the weak side defender is giving help, the ball handler attacks the basket.

  • As soon as the defender of the screen retreats, the player with the ball should dribble at the defender who hedged on the ball screen (x4).

  • This creates a 2-on-1 situation or a 3-on-2 situation with the players 4 and 5.

Pitch To The Wing

  • A lot of times, the wing defender (x3) will step down and help when the ball handler attacks

  • Now the ball can be pitched out to the wing player (Player 3) for an open shot

Hard Hedge Counter Tips:

  • Recognize the hedge - Recognize the hard hedge is key. Coach your players to spot the hedge out of the corner of their eye so they can react quicker before the help defense can rotate.

  • Don't dribble initially against hard hedge - If the ball handler knows the hard hedge is coming, he/she should not put the ball on the floor right away. Keep the ball and use a jab step or a dribble fake to get the defender moving.

  • Find open players if the defense collapses - Watch the other defenders. When they help or retreat, your team will have open players to pass to.

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Brian Williams says:
7/24/2018 at 4:16:23 PM

We also like for the 5 to come up the lane line to the at least the area between the three point line and the free throw line so we can throw ahead for a quick high low dump down to the rolling screener.


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