Bill Self Trickery - Zone Play

he noticed a zone play that Bill Self kept running over and over throughout the season... and his team kept executing the play at a high rate!

And like clockwork, this play would startle the defense almost every single time.

Even a couple of years ago, I turned on a Kansas game... I saw the EXACT same zone play being used with SUCCESS by Bill Self.

So how does this make sense? How do you keep running the same action with success... with the advanced ability to scout?

Well, it's simple. He hides the action with different sets throughout the season.

One game he might run it out of a 1-3-1 set. Later in the season, he might use a stack set, or even start with a zone ball screen.

If you'd like to learn more about this...

This article explains the Zone Play and Shows You How To Disguise Any of Your Best Plays!

This is a zone play that I've personally used with teams in the past.

I even used it with some of my middle school teams since it was easy to teach and highly effective. At the middle school level, there wasn't even a need to hide it.

You can check out Bill Self's "Hidden" Zone Play here.


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