Breakthrough Basketball Newsletter:
My 15 Favorite Tryout Drills

October 20th, 2021

Here is a message from Jeff Haefner. This message is from his article on his favorite 15 tryout drills...

When conducting tryouts, you want drills that allow you to efficiently evaluate players.

The key word here is "efficiently." You only have so much time in tryouts to evaluate players. So you want to make good use of your time!

Tryout drills should be fairly simple yet similar to what you normally do in practice. If drills are too complicated, you'll waste hours of time teaching new players "how to run" the drills. So simplicity is critical when choosing.

Drills should also accommodate varying degrees of ability and experience - since you'll most likely get a wide variety of players at tryouts. Some players might be inexperienced yet have a lot of potential. You don't want to exclude those players.

Here are the 15 tryout drills that Jeff likes to use. They are simple and effective in regards to evaluating players for your team.

All the best,

- Joe Haefner
Breakthrough Basketball