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Want To Get Noticed By Coaches During Tryouts? Then It's Time To Get Loud And Make Some Noise!

September 20th 2022

If you want to make an impact during tryouts, then you don't want to miss out on the pearls of wisdom that were dropped by our team member and coaching veteran - Mark Brase.

They offer a surefire way for you to get noticed by the coaches in a positive way!

We've also got an important announcement about one of our Breakthrough Camp coaches, and a timely reminder about upcoming Fall camps.


Want To Get Noticed By Coaches During Tryouts? Then It's Time To Get Loud And Make Some Noise!

Hopefully, you read that headline and all of the right things came to mind.

The right things certainly came to mind when I ran a question about Tryouts by our team member and former coach - Mark Brase.

Here's what he shared, just in case your thoughts went in the wrong direction...

I'm not telling you to whine and complain when you think you were fouled.

I'm not advising you to trash-talk opponents.

I'm not advising you to yell and scream every time you score a bucket.

I'm advising you to communicate and be a positive way. By...

1 - Using precise instructions during the game for execution.

2 - Praising your teammates after you complete the play.

This will establish yourself as a leader in the eyes of the other players and your coaches.

Here are a few examples of what positive communication looks like during Tryouts...

When you're truly open, yell "Ball! Ball!" This helps your teammates know to look for you.

And always thank the passer! When your teammate drops you a sweet dish and you score, yell out... "Nice pass!"

If an opportunity for a double team presents itself, yell "Double! Double!" at your teammate to ensure you both double team the ball handler.

When your teammates make a good play, give that person the spotlight... "Great double team!"

When you steal a ball from the passing lane, yell again...

"Great help! I knew you had my back." Because your teammate was in a great help position on defense, this allowed you to be aggressive and position yourself in the passing lane.

When you get back in transition defense, call out your teammates responsibility...

"I've got the ball! You got the wing. You got the wing" Or whatever the case may be, but make sure you are loud and talking to help your teammates get in the proper defensive spots.

Even if you're not the most talented player on the team, this type of communication helps you get noticed by coaches during Tryouts.

While it might not land you a starting position, it surely will go a long way to securing your spot on the team.

Bonus tip: show up to practice early.

And just remember...

Fact #1. Every coach wants players who communicate.
Fact #2. Every player is capable of communicating.
Fact #3. Being loud will get you a positive way!

You've got this!

Coach BJ Watson Wins 2022 Big Shot Prep National Championship

Back in February, we discovered that Breakthrough Camps Instructor BJ Watson won the 2022 Big Shot Prep National Championship in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

This is one of the biggest post-grad tournaments in the country.

So we just want to say...

Congratulations to Coach Watson and the Central Pointe basketball squad from Kissimmee, Florida!

"Get Better At Shooting And Scoring" - Breakthrough Shooting & Scoring System With Jim Huber

We received another glowing review on the Breakthrough Shooting & Scoring System With Jim Huber. It was short but sweet...

In addition to being a fantastic tool for high school, college, and professional teams, youth teams are having success using it too!

"For anyone who wants to get better at scoring but isn't really sure how to get there, this system will help you get there."
- A. Garcia

Want more details on this training?

Click here.

All the Best,

Joe Haefner
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