Breakthrough Basketball Newsletter:
Youth Basketball Done Curry-Style!

August 27th, 2021

I recently watched an awesome viral video showing a youth basketball player getting it done Curry-style!

This little guy is having success and fun while learning because the game modifications allow for it!

Lower hoops, smaller basketballs, fewer players, and a smaller court makes youth basketball look so much better and sets them up for success!

We need to give our youth more opportunities for success. We need to allow athletes under the age of 13-years-old to play with those modifications.

Not only is it better for their long-term skill development, they can develop a lifelong passion and love for the sport.

After all, "Success is the foundation of learning."

And more importantly, this helps drive more people to better mental health and lifelong physical fitness.

Here's the tweet of the video if you want to watch it.

Here are some resources for recommended ball sizes and modifications for the youth game.

Basketball Size Chart - Recommended Sizes for Kids & Adults

Youth Basketball Guidelines: From NBA & USA Basketball!

Outdoor Basketball Hoops That Lower to 7 Feet and Below!

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All the Best,

- Joe Haefner
Breakthrough Basketball