3 Drills to help shooting in games

Here's some Shooting Drills that will put your players through movements and situations that actually show up in games!

Don't get me wrong...

Every once in a while, players are lucky enough to catch-and-shoot a wide open spot-up shot in a game.

But more often than not, shots don't get served up like that on a silver platter!

Normally, shots come after a series of hard-fought screens and cuts where defenders need to be shook loose and beaten to a spot.

And these 3 shooting drills are designed to allow players to recreate that type of intensity... even when they're training all by themselves!

On top of that...

Our in-house shooting expert Coach Paris Davis lays out his 8 foundational shot-enhancing tips that your players should follow with each repetition in order to maximize their FG%.

So, click the image below to watch Coach Paris in action!

Coach Paris in action


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