How the Nuggets use the 5-out offense

Last night, history was made as the Denver Nuggets clinched their first-ever NBA Championship!

And with this momentous occasion, it couldn't be a better time to dissect their unique and formidable approach to the 5-out offense.

In this NEW article and video breakdown, Coach Brent Tipton meticulously breaks down the Nuggets' mastery of this offensive scheme and shows you how to adapt their strategies for your own team.

And before you say anything, I know what you're probably thinking:

"Jokic is one of the best shooting big men in NBA history, and I don't have a player like that-how will I incorporate this with my team?"

Great question, but the truth is:

Neither has Brent Tipton! And he's implemented with teams that he's coached with players between the ages of 16 and 22.

In this article, Brent shows you how to install these simple yet effective NBA-level concepts to harness the power of the away screen-even if you don't have the next Nikola Jokic on your squad!

Additionally, this works especially well if you have a post player who doesn't shoot the ball very well, and you're not quite sure how to best utilize them.

(That's why you see video clips of the Golden State Warriors utilizing Draymond Green with the same offensive concepts.)

Here's some of what we cover:

  • How to properly use an away screen (including who should set it, when, and where!)
  • The "Turn" Ball Screen Concept to punish defenders that go under the screen
  • How to effortlessly attack pressure defense (and stay calm without turning the ball over!)
  • When to change the angle of the away screen and utilize back screens
  • The best second options for countering the top-block
  • Why Steve Kerr says "Keep the Ball Hot" and how to do so within this offense
  • FAQs about the 5-out offense and progressions - like should youth teams use this offense?

Remember, this offense caters to all players and teams, regardless of speed or agility.

It empowers quick decision-makers while also providing opportunities for those who may not possess lightning-fast speed.

And you can introduce the offensive concepts in layers to suit your team's unique skill set-a process we guide you through in the article!

Read "The 5-Out Offense: How the Denver Nuggets Use Away Screens and Create Tons of Scoring Opportunities"


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