How 2 pieces of tape can transform your defense

I hope you're ready because something BIG is about to hit the Breakthrough Basketball court!

Tomorrow, we're releasing the highly anticipated Outer 1/3 Defense, brought to you by Coach Nick LoGalbo, a USA Basketball Junior Nationalists 3X Gold Medalist Coach.

This step-by-step "No Middle Defense" course can take your defense to a whole new level...

And it will provide you with a comprehensive yet simplified approach to shutting down opponents with the "No Middle" or Outer 1/3 Defensive approach.

We also wanted to share a little sneak peek with some of the content included...

It's one of those coaching tips we love to implement... simple, easy, and extremely effective.

When teaching this defense, Coach LoGalbo places two strategic pieces of tape on the court—one at the top and near the basket.

play diagram


Because it's very difficult to keep players out of the middle...

But this simple visual cue helps players adjust their body positioning, effectively preventing offensive threats from infiltrating the dangerous middle zone.

It's an immediate feedback mechanism that leads to quick adjustments and incredible defensive results.

Not to mention, it helps you with your coaching!

You can immediately see if an offensive player breaks these lines and provide immediate feedback. It helps both the players and the coaches.

And that's why I'm so excited to share the full product with you, where you'll get plenty of other innovative and actionable principles like this.

So be sure to check your inbox tomorrow for the full scoop, exclusive offer, and first access to the newest addition to the Breakthrough Basketball lineup!


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