Channel your inner Larry Bird this summer

Last week, I shared a story about me getting my butt kicked on the court by a 50-year-old player when I was a rising senior in high school...

(This is the last time I'm reliving this painful story from my past! :)

The reason I shared that story was because I learned an invaluable lesson about the value of playing against older, more experienced players.

Here's a recap from the other email in case you missed it...

It's one thing to have a coach tell you to do something...

But to physically be on the court and see somebody executing high IQ plays and to experience somebody beating your butt with a savvy approach to the game...

That's the ultimate teacher!

And in today's world, many young players today spend too much time playing structured games against peers of the same age, who often lack the basketball intelligence it requires to be truly great at this game.

So basically, low IQ play perpetuates itself.

However, when competing against older players who may not possess lightning-fast speed or soaring jumps, you discover that basketball IQ can be your secret weapon.

Well today, I want to expand on that theme and share a story that Larry Bird recently told during an interview.

Picture this: a young Larry Bird, an ambitious basketball player with fire in his eyes, trying to find and beat the highest level of competition in Indiana.

He didn't play summer AAU basketball during his youth, but he played pickup games against opponents two to three times his age... at a court in his hometown.

Now these players weren't the most talented on the court, but they were experienced and played a smart brand of basketball.

And what's interesting is that even though Larry was already a standout talent, he learned a lot from them that allowed him to sharpen his basketball IQ and discover unique ways to outsmart his opponents.

I think it's safe to say that paid off pretty well for him in the NBA... as he turned into one of the most savvy players to ever play the game!

So as you play basketball in some capacity-whether it's in a formal setting or informally on the pickup courts, keep this lesson in mind:

Playing against older, more experienced players is a fantastic way to develop one of the least practiced but most sought-after skills on the court: basketball IQ!

And if you want to channel your inner Larry Bird this summer by playing against players of all ages, skill levels, and experience...

Then consider registering for one of our remaining Breakthrough Basketball Camps with 300+ locations all over the country!

You can see the full camp schedule and register HERE.


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