The Indiana Short Roll in action

Knowing what to do when opponents start blitzing/trapping your ball screens isn't something that a lot of teams prepare for... And that's a significant problem because it can lead to lots of frustrating turnovers and stalled offensive possessions if you don't adapt quickly!

That's why I want to share this Indiana Hoosiers' "short-roll" play (With videos, diagrams, and instructions). When opponents start blitzing your ball screen, the short roll can turn the tables in your favor. And it can be used at any age level!

It's a simple yet highly effective play that creates easy driving lanes and quick advantages against the defense. Make sure you take note of the gaps it creates and how it dismantles even the most stubborn defenses!

Watch Indiana expertly execute the "Short Roll" and unlock wide open looks at the basket

And if you enjoy ball screen offenses and plays like the "short roll", we have a perfect resource for you! Or maybe you're simply interested in implementing an easy-to-learn ball screen offense with your team... where you can easily progress from basic to advanced.

Well, USA Basketball Coach Don Showalter covers counters like the short roll and more in his Simplified 20 Ball Screen Offense Video.

It doesn't matter if you're looking to have a secondary offense to mix things up in the game or if you want to make this go-to offense... This offense has been used at the high school, college, and professional levels to rack up victories! Coach Showalter's 62-0 win record with USA Basketball against international competition is a prime example.

Even middle school teams have simplified it with success. (Note: For youth and middle school teams, we prefer basic motion concepts first like spacing, cutting, and off-the-ball screening, but you can certainly consider adding ball screen concepts later on.)

Turn defensive blitzes into easy scoring opportunities with Coach Showalter's "20 Ball Screen Offense"


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