Have you tried THIS twist on motion offense?

Today I want to share a unique twist on the motion offense that coaches all over the country are using with great success-because it could transform your offense too.

Coach Courtney Boyd used it as a part of her offensive scheme at Clarke University to win a National Championship and the WBCA Thirty Under 30 Award...

In fact, it was working so well that many of their opponents switched to zone defense during their national championship run!

And teams ranging from the NBA all the way down to 13 year olds are crushing it with this offense too.

I'm talking about Zoom Action.

If that concept sounds unfamiliar, no worries!

Because in this video, we break down exactly what Zoom Action is, as well as how these coaches are using it to:

  • Create tons of spacing
  • Take away the help defense
  • And open up plenty of opportunities for dribble drives and other scoring options

Even zoom offense experts can learn a thing or two.

Because the video covers...

  • 4 zoom action reads
  • 2 zoom variations
  • 4 counters to defensive adjustments
  • 4 sets using zoom action
  • 2 zoom out of bounds plays

By implementing this action, you'll create huge gaps in the defense and cause indecision and confusion all over the court for your opponents.

So if you want to discover the secret sauce that's created multiple National-Championship winning teams, then you'll want to check this out ASAP:

Use THIS ZOOM Offensive Action to create mismatches all over the court and get more points

P.S. When you click the link, you'll also be able to download a FREE Implementation Guide complete with drills and diagrams to install the Zoom Action in YOUR offense right away!


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