Terrorize defenses with this simple Iowa offensive tactic

Do you have a talented playmaker and a shooter on your team? If so, I want to share a simple, highly effective tactic you can use to get great looks.

(It's the exact same action that the Iowa Hawkeyes used for their star player, Caitlin Clark, to terrorize defenses!)

If you've been following March Madness, then you know that Clark is a generational player who just set the record for most points throughout the tournament in both the women's and men's history (191!). And she set the women's record for assists (60)!

But here's what you might not know:

This great offensive set that helped Iowa to the National Championship game was actually surprisingly straightforward. It definitely applies the KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) approach.

Iowa had several spot-up shooters, so their game plan was to drag those shooters to the corner, which spread the floor and forced defenders to guard them closely. This made it more difficult to help on dribble penetration.

This allowed Clark to use her incredible play-making abilities to go 1-on-1 against her defender and create easy scoring opportunities around the rim.

And the best part? This action couldn't be easier to run!

Clark would just drive to the same side as their best shooter, who simply stood there in the corner to keep her defender close. This was typically the right side of the floor.

Meanwhile, they sent the other 3 players to the opposite side of the court. They used simple cutting and screening actions to keep the help defenders occupied too. They often sent another shooter to the opposite corner as well.

This example of the power of simplicity in offense shows that you don't always need to include fancy action to confuse opposing defenses.

Sometimes, it's as easy as spreading the floor and letting your playmaker(s) go to work!

Video Clips

Here are some video clips if you'd like to take a look.

I'm curious:

Have you ever used a simple action like this with your offense? Feel free to reply and let us know!


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