Are you making this youth coaching mistake?

We all want to win, and there's nothing wrong with that. BUT choosing to make that your #1 focus as a youth coach is a huge mistake.


Because you'll cloud your judgment and end up sacrificing your players' long-term development for a short-term ego boost. That tradeoff is never worth it!

Instead, your primary focus should be on:

  • Offensive skill development
  • Motion offense principles
  • Teaching man-to-man defensive principles
  • Teaching life lessons
  • Players having fun

But the truth is that it's harder to stay focused on these principles than you might think.

That's why, in this week's article, Coach Brase shares 5 key tips to stay on the right path, achieve your coaching goals, and avoid slipping into the dangerous territory of chasing the almighty "W".

Check out the full article below, and drop us a comment with your thoughts!

5 tips to get your focus right as a youth coach and avoid this critical "W"-chasing mistake


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