The Coach K Speed Dribble


If you don't know what that means, let me explain...

Here's a common scene in a basketball game:

One of your players gets the ball and starts dribbling the ball down the floor. It might even be a fast break situation.

All of the sudden, a defensive player comes from behind and pokes the ball away resulting in a turnover or lost scoring opportunity-killing all the potential momentum from the fast break!

One way to combat this is to utilize a Duke Speed Dribble-a skill taught by Coach K for decades.

This is where you alternate hands as you're speed dribbling up the court, and it's so effective because it makes it harder for the defensive player to time the steal or even predict where you're going.

You can alternate every dribble or every two dribbles-and you can mix it up each time down the court to keep the defense guessing.

Even though this is a foundational skill, the same concept is as important for youth players as it is for high school and college/pro players.

You can watch a video explanation and a drill here.


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