Don't neglect THIS part of defense

Your players might be great at on-ball defense, but how about off-ball defense?

In today's game, it's very hard to stop skilled offensive players 1v1, so you need great on-ball AND off-ball defense to thrive.

And one component of off-the-ball defense is defending cutters.

If you don't defend cutters at a high level, your defense will SUFFER!

So check out this NEW YouTube video from defensive expert Rob Brost that covers 3 ways to defend cutters.

In this video, Coach Brost shows you how to:

  • Defend cutters
  • Switch the cut
  • Switch away screens

If you defend the cut properly and have multiple methods at your disposal, your team will force MORE turnovers and get MORE stops on defense.

These 3 effective ways to shut down cutters will bulletproof your team defense.

Discover the 3 effective ways to defend motion offense


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