0-12 record to 15-3 in 2 years??

Having a go-to sideline out of bounds play can be vital when your team needs a quick basket.

And few teams do this better than the Iowa Hawkeyes-who led the Big 10 Conference last season in points per possession off sideline out of bounds plays.

This incredibly simple-to-implement action is sure to get your inbounder some easy buckets!

It confuses the heck out of defenses (even some of the best ones in Division 1!).

Also, pay attention to what they say about positioning of a shooter. It's vital for stretching the defense and getting more wide open shots.

If you want to see the Hawkeyes get easy baskets off this action in live game situations, make sure you click the link below:

The Simple Iowa SLOB Action to Get Your Inbounder Easy Lay Ups

P.S. If you really want to step up your SLOB game, you can also find 10 other great plays like this one that you can run-all in the same video above.


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