Breakthrough Basketball Newsletter:
How to Be a Better Teammate

February 8th, 2022

At this point of the season, it might be a good time to remember what it takes to be a good teammate, so we have an article for you to check out…as well as a couple of other things:

  • How to Be a Better Basketball Teammate - NEW article describing 9 ways to be an important, positive part of the team…all by remembering the acronym TEAMMATES.

  • Coaching Shout Out! - Boys coach featured in the news and takes it to the next step with overall culture and work ethic.

  • Parent Chooses this Camp to Build Son’s Shooting Confidence & Aggressiveness



How to Be a Better Basketball Teammate - Just Remember “TEAMMATES”

At this time of the season, stress and tension can take its toll, so it’s always good to revisit what it means to be a good teammate and role model.

Check out 9 ways to stand out as a top-notch teammate who puts WE before ME!

How to Be a Better Teammate


Coaching Shout Out - Culture Helps With Success

Cedar Falls’ boys coach Ryan Schultz was just honored as the Ed Thomas Coach of the Week on CBS2 in Iowa.

When he took over coaching for his alma mater, his team went 6-16… but that has been his only losing season since then...

In just the last 6 years, Ryan Schultz's Cedar Falls teams have won 2 state championships and made 5 state semi-final appearances - more than any other coach in school history!

Schultz’s assistant coach Chris Dyvig believes Ryan has taken the team to the next step because of the overall culture that’s been nurtured.

Dyvig says, "The first couple years I was here - Cedar Falls kids didn't work like they do now. It's grown and evolved over time and it's the way it's supposed to be with a coach and having that fun with it."

Combine that positive culture with instilling a hard work ethic and Schultz’s championship offense (the Hybrid Attack - a unique combination of motion and dribble drive)...

And you’ve got a successful program!


Which Camp Should My Son Attend?

(I’d like to share this note from a parent...)

With the awesome choices of Breakthrough Basketball camps, I’d like to describe how I narrowed down a camp...

My 8th grade son has decent fundamental skills, but he still needs improvement in...

  • Aggressiveness - driving to the basket, getting by defenders, and creating space for the shot.

  • Taking the open shot - not to brag but he’s got really sweet form, but is missing the confidence to take the open shot - he’d rather pass. He needs a confident (not cocky) shooter’s mentality. He also stops shooting if he misses in game.

  • Screening and cutting - kids that age just need constant work on those offensive concepts.

So based on all that...and of course where we live…we decided to register him for the Attack & Counter camp for 7th - 12th graders...

To improve his Mentality, Guard Play, and Screening/Cutting Skills.

You can find a camp to take your player to the next level here


All the best,

- Joe Haefner
Breakthrough Basketball