Why losing is GOOD in youth basketball

Obviously, no one likes losing, but it turns out it could actually be a sign that things are going RIGHT for your team.

How's that possible?

Because a youth coach's job is primarily to lay the foundation for your players' long-term development and success.

And sometimes that requires patience for the fundamentals to "click."

Sure, you could take shortcuts like getting the ball to your best player every time down the floor or swarming the ball with 2-3 defenders...

But even if those strategies work in the short term, your players will be developing all the wrong habits that negatively impact their progression.

I have some controversial thoughts on this topic, and I share them all in this article.

So if you want to read about:

  • My opinion on the most important fundamentals to teach your young players to set them up for maximum long-term success
  • How to create a winning culture and mindset even if your team is struggling mightily
  • When you can expect to see a payoff for coaching and practicing the "right" skills
  • And a whole lot more

Then check out the article HERE: "Why A Great Record Doesn't Always Equate to Great Coaching in Youth Basketball"


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