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Why Motion Offenses fail? (Best Offense Drill)

January 29, 2021

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  • Why Motion Offenses Fail
  • The Best Offense Drill?
  • Youth Basketball and The Playing Time Issue

  • Why Motion Offenses Fail

    Ages: Youth, High School, College/Pro
    Audience: Coaches

    If you’ve been coaching for any length of time, there’s a good chance you’ve tried to run a motion offense…

    And there’s also a good chance it didn’t turn out as beautifully as you drew it up in your head.

    If that sounds familiar, then you’re in good company.

    Because one of the most respected coaches I know (Veteran Coach and NBA Skills Trainer Don Kelbick) spent 30+ years working through the same challenges.

    And today I want to share the big lesson he first learned directly from coaching legends John Wooden, Dean Smith and Bob Knight.

    It’s a lesson that can forever shift how you run your offense…

    And turn your team into an offensive powerhouse that can score against ANY defense.

    The most common roadblock to a successful Motion Offense is...


    By putting too many rules and guidelines in place, you actually hold back your players’ development.

    As Coach Don remembers, “I once had so many rules for my motion offense, that I couldn't even remember them all.”

    But whether it’s your set plays or motion offense, if players’ minds are focused on remembering what they’re “supposed” to do…

    They’ll miss the opportunities that naturally present themselves…

    And make the game more difficult.

    That’s the opposite of every coach’s goal for their team.

    Players do need rules, BUT…

    What Coach Kelbick ultimately learned was that players thrive when they have a small number of foundational rules on offense…

    And the freedom to see, attack and capitalize on the opportunities the defense gives them.

    Not only does this create a better offense, it’s much easier to learn and successfully implement with your team than a complicated set of rules and “if/ thens.”

    But what rules do you need?! And how do you best teach them?

    That's where Don Kelbick’s Simplified Offense Bundle comes in.

    If your team has been struggling to create consistent good looks on offense, I highly recommend you check this out.

    You can find a lot more rock-solid info on the product page...

    Read Don’s insights and learn about the Kelbick Simplified Offense Bundle.

    The Best Offense Drill?

    Ages: Youth, High School, College/Pros
    Audience: Coaches

    This is one of the most effective motion drills I have run. It is a live, competitive drill that can be run as a 4-man drill or a 5-man drill.

    This offense drill teaches you…

    • How to attack & come off screens.
    • How to cut & move to get open.
    • When to prepare and expect a shot and how to exercise judgment in shot selection.

    Watch Video and View Article >>

    The Playing Time Issue and Youth Basketball

    Ages: Youth
    Audience: Coaches and Parents

    Next, we’re going to address one of the most important subjects in youth basketball…

    Playing time!

    After being around youth basketball for nearly 20 years, I know that the following tips can be the difference between a fun, enjoyable season and constant headaches.

    So here is what we’re going to cover...