5 concepts to beat ANY zone defense

Has your team ever struggled against a zone defense?

If so, you're not alone.

In fact, zone defenses have been frustrating strong offenses for decades because they can be extremely effective if they're run the right way.

They have unique advantages over man to man like:

  • They can hide a defender's weaknesses and put them in positions for their strengths
  • They can expose critical offensive weaknesses like poor shooting, lack of post presence, poor passing, or lazy off-ball movement

In short, they can be a great way to slow down the game and prevent more athletic, talented offenses from getting in a rhythm.

They can also be a great way to speed things up and overwhelm opponents.

BUT zone defenses also have some critical weaknesses of their own that can be exploited with the right techniques.

And in today's article, I share 5 concepts you can implement so you're never flustered by zone defenses again.

That way, your team will be poised to score in bunches against any zone, practically effortlessly.

Now in order to get these to work, you'll need serious attention to detail and players who are patient enough to wait for the opening.

But as long as your team has those 2 traits, there's NO zone defense that can match up with you when you start using these concepts-that much I can guarantee.

Discover the 5 concepts to beat ANY zone defense (no matter what level your team's at currently)


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