One Crucial Quality Of Basketball Systems -- The Importance Of Steel Thickness In A Pole System

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Often when people go to buy their basketball system they ask themselves several questions:

    What is the size of the backboard I want?
    Is the hoop adjustable in height?
    Where should I put my new basketball hoop?

But what are you forgetting to ask?

If I asked about the steel gauge of the basketball pole system, many people would shrug or maybe not even know what I was talking about. While the steel gauge of a pole may not sound glamorous or seem like something your kids would care about, the importance is very real and if you choose a pole system that has thinner steel, your KIDS WILL CARE!

Buying Quality

As a consumer, no one sets out to buy a product that has inferior quality. Everyone wants to buy quality products. If you don't take the time to do the research, you may not understand why one product is not as good as another product

Make sure you do your homework when buying a basketball system and look at factors you maybe never even considered. One of these key factors that you MUST consider is the thickness of the steel.

Smaller = Stronger

OK let's get down to the nuts and bolts of it. When you are buying a basketball system with a pole, you must consider the thickness of the steel if you are looking to get a quality product that will last.

The pole system should be made out of 7 gauge steel. If the steel is thinner it will have a bigger number. For instance, 7 gauge steel is about 3/16th" thick while 11 gauge steel is only 2/16th" thick and some pole systems have even thinner steel than this. So the smaller the number, the thicker the steel!

What this means to you is 7 gauge is about 1.5 times stronger than 11 gauge steel.

So remember, for steel gauge SMALLER NUMBER = STRONGER!

Buyer Beware

Most basketball systems out there, especially in the large box stores, have 11 gauge steel or worse yet like 12 or 13 gauge. They aren't going to advertise this and are hoping consumers simply don't know what this means and how it impacts the hoop system. So as always, BUYER BEWARE!

4 Advantages Of Thicker Steel For Your Basketball System

  1. The Shake - With a 7 gauge pole system there will be less shake and vibration to the hoop when people shoot. The pole system itself will have less movement to it and allow for more accurate shooting because of this.
  2. Durability - If you want your pole system to last and you don't want to worry about replacing it down the road, buy quality the first time and make sure the pole system has 7 gauge steel.
  3. Gymlike Feel - Most people can't afford to build their own gym. So whether your kids are practicing to make a varsity basketball team or if your family is just hooping it up in the backyard, you want to feel like you are shooting at a hoop in a gym. The best way to get this rigidity and stiff feel in a basketball system is making sure the pole system is of the highest quality and that starts with thicker steel!
  4. Accuracy - If your hoop moves because the steel isn't thick enough, ultimately it will affect the accuracy of your shot. So if having a hoop that you can get gamelike shots is important to you, make sure you have thick enough steel to provide this feel.

A basketball hoop system in your driveway or backyard will provide your family with enjoyment for years to come. Make sure you invest in a basketball system that will not need replacing in a couple of years and provides your family with the closest thing to a gymlike feeling they can have as they enjoy shooting on your new hoop!


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