Kyrie Irving Explains His Finishing Secrets and 2 Finishing Drills

In this video, Kyrie Irving reveals his secrets to becoming one of the best finishers in the world.

Tip #1 - The Mikan Drill

Kyrie practices his different types of finishing by simply doing the Mikan drill. By staying close to the basket, you get a lot of repetitions in a short amount of time.

Tip # 2 - Practice different angles

Kyrie also said that you should practice shooting from different angles. This makes sense. How often do you shoot from the same angle every time during a game? It constantly changes.

Tip #3 - Shoot high and low off backboard

Kyrie also explains how he practices shooting high and low off the backboard. Shooting high helps you shoot over taller defenders.

If the defense is recovering, you might shoot low off the backboard. That way, it doesn’t give the defense time to recover and block the shot.

Tip #4 - Use different spins

As you master your finishing moves, it’s good to see how different spins on the ball affect how the ball bounces off the backboard. Perfecting the spin enables you to make shots from different positions and angles that you normally couldn’t make.

Tip #5 - Jumping with off leg

Kyrie also practices jumping off either leg and shooting with either hand. This means he shoots with the right hand when jumping off the right leg and vice versa. This allows you to get to the basket quicker and shoot before the defense rotates.

If you take an extra dribble and step to jump off the “correct leg”, this gives the defense more time to recover and block the shot.

So you should practice the following combinations.

Jump off left leg - shoot with right hand.
Jump off left leg - shoot with left hand.
Jump off right leg - shoot with right hand.
Jump off right leg - shoot with left hand.

Bonus Tip: Add Competition

And as you perfect your finishing moves, it’s vital to add competition. Here are a couple of sample drills that you can use.

You can also change distance and location of the cones. This gives you more game-like situations. The defense gets there early, late, and on time. It also helps you practice different finishing moves from different angles.

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this is legit


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