2 Biggest Youth Basketball Dribbling Flaws and How To Fix Them


In this video, Bob Bigelow discusses two of the biggest dribbling flaws for youth basketball players and great solutions to fix them.

As Bob mentions in the video, upper-arm movement and the eyes being down are two of the biggest dribbling flaws for youth basketball players.

Among many other tips, Bob offers two great solutions for these problems.
  1. Start the players dribbling on their knees.

    This will take out the upper-arm movement and force players to dribble with their finger tips and wrists. It also strengthens the muscles needed to proficiently dribble a basketball.

    Dribbling drills while sitting down also work.

    The only limitation with these drills are your imagination - stationary, in front, side to side, forward to back, around the body, switching hands, etc.

  2. Dribble numbers.

    Simply holding up fingers and having the players yell how many fingers you are holding up is a great way to keep the ball handler's eyes up where they need to be.

    You can do this with almost any ball handling drill whether it's stationary or moving.
Other Youth Coaching Tips From The Video

  • Be Patient! It is vital to be patient when working with kids.
  • The younger they are, allow them to make mistakes and get better.
  • Make sure every kid has a basketball.

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Osafa Michael Johnson says:
11/15/2011 at 3:07:36 PM

I love this drill. Wish I had it as a player. However, I will try it in my next training session.


Letaopana Dikhutsafalo says:
10/21/2011 at 8:06:07 PM

Really great sumthng i hav noticed ma self


Mike McGill says:
10/20/2011 at 1:34:14 PM

These are great drills that I use for 3rd to 6th grade. My brother, who coaches a girls jv team, will throw tennis balls at them while doing layups. I used this a few times myself, and it works.


Bob Robinson says:
10/18/2011 at 2:39:16 PM

I have always taught two other things, the ball does not come above your waist and the closer you get to your defender the further the ball goes back in your stance,your quauter turn.


Kip Donegan says:
10/18/2011 at 10:51:29 AM

I love these suggestions!!! I do the dribble numbers drills while doing layup drills. I coach 8-9 year old boys and they look at the ball a lot while dribbling. I'm trying this at my next practice.


Mark Sphar says:
10/18/2011 at 8:37:07 AM

Have used this successfully for 1st through 4th graders last several years. I also have them dribble towards me walking then jogging while looking for the numbers I am flashing. Thanks for the great videos guys.


Esme Barratt says:
10/18/2011 at 7:01:18 AM

Love this and love the newsletters. Thank you!


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