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In this video, Jim Huber covers two dribble moves from our Elite Guard Camps.

These moves create separation for more scoring opportunities and also help you beat pressure.

Dribble Move #1 - Step Back Crossover

This move helps you do a few things.

It's a great move to quickly create separation to prevent a 5-second violation.

It's also a great move when you're in scoring range. You quickly create space and face the basket to shoot. If the defense closes out quickly, you attack the rim.

Here are some keys to make the step back crossover effective:

  • Step back with top leg quickly - You want to step back your top leg quickly and change directions. This gets you into a shooting or attacking position much quicker. It puts more pressure on the defense.

  • Stay low and compact - This also helps you get into a scoring position more quickly.

  • Push ball out - When attacking, you want to push the ball out to create separation and keep it away from your trailing defender.

Dribble Move #2 - Escape Dribble

Similar to the move above, with the escape dribble, your goal is to create separation.

However, this is more often used to protect the ball and separate from pressure. It doesn't always put you in an immediate position to score.

You might have an on-ball defender guarding you closely up and down the court. You also might face some traps that you need to escape. You might drive baseline and run into help defense.

Here are some keys to make the escape dribble effective:

  • Use two dribbles to create separation - Using two dribbles helps create distance and makes the defender's job more difficult as they have to cover more space. It also gives you space to change directions.

  • Explode backwards - If you casually dribble backwards, the defense can easily guard that. You need to explode backwards and put the defense at a point of indecision. If they decide to close quickly, you can blow by them by attacking with an explosion dribble. If they stay back, you've created space to advance the ball.

  • Attack defender's hip - Once you change directions, you want to move in a straight line and attack the defender's hip. One, you get to spots on the floor faster when you move in straight lines. Two, if you can get the defender on your hip or backside, you have a better chance of scoring. You can even change pace and keep the trailing defender off balance.

  • Eyes up - You want to be able to see the floor. That way you can see open teammates and any potential defenders trying to surprise you.

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max goree says:
4/3/2020 at 12:08:34 AM

What is good chair drill for working on counter moves in ballhandling?


Kevin says:
6/15/2017 at 12:24:11 PM

Nice content Thanks! I think the step back crossover may be prone to a good defender picking the ball if left too far out front??

  1 reply  

Joe Haefner says:
6/15/2017 at 12:41:53 PM

If the defender is still close enough, you simply stop and go or use some other hesitation move.

If you've created separation, then you can cross more easily.


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