How Ball Handlers Can Gain An Instant Advantage On The Defense

Do you want to be able to explode by the defense at will?

If so, check out the smash and go move and the stutter move in the video below.

These 2 dribble moves will help you blow by the defense more often. If you’re already quick, perfect these moves and they will make you nearly impossible to guard.

In the video below, Breakthrough Elite Guard Camp instructor Matt Keeley takes you through how to execute the moves.

Matt Keeley was an All American point guard, national champ at the college level, and current college coach.

Guard Moves #1 – Smash and Go!

  • On smash – keep the ball low and dribble hard.
  • Explode forwards and push the ball out in front of you.

Guard Moves #2 – Stutter Move

  • Chop feet – exaggerate chop in defense.
  • Stay low
  • Explode forwards and push the ball out

Also, make sure to keep your eyes up and ahead of you.

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Howard says:
9/9/2014 at 4:08:45 PM

The first move is better done going diagonally or across the floor; it is a fake spin. On the stutter it is important the feet go wider as the player stutters to ensure the feet are positioned to push off with power.


Ken Sartini says:
9/9/2014 at 8:35:48 AM

We taugth both these moves at our summer camps, great stuff. Stutter step freezes the defense momentarily.... advantage YOU!

Your 1 guard move- something I picked up from a DePaul guard (name slips my mind) it was a fake reverse / reverse. I had several kids that did that well.... but the ball handler needs to be very good.... otherwise the original move is very good.


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