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PostPosted: 08 Jul 2011, 16:02 

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We're back from the trainer, and he was adamant that she keep her shot the way it is comfortable for her.

Part of his concern, which was also mine, is that this coach is just throwing the shooting drills out there for five minutes with no followup. He said for someone to truly change their shot, they need someone working with them on an intensive basis. Otherwise all that happens is the shooter's timing and confidence gets messed with. Which confirms my feeling that this coach is throwing things out there willy-nilly--like the free throw issue--and forcing change simply for the sake of change.

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2011, 16:10 
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That all may be true.... what does he say about the release point? And the facts about muscle memory? I cant see your daughters shot so I really cant say that she is right or wrong.

Good luck and I hope that things work out for her. BTW.... has the varsity coach seen her shoot? Made any comments? Maybe you can run this by that coach too.

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2011, 16:45 

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He said her release point is fine. His school of thought is that one should release the ball where it is comfortable for one. As far as muscle memory, he's always encouraged her to use the same motion every time.

Yes, the HS varsity coach has seen her shoot, a lot. She works out with the team 2x a week and plays in summer tournaments with them. He also saw her play on the middle school team. He likes her shot, as has every other coach she's been in front of. That's why we were taken aback by the club coach.

I don't mean to make it sound like she's the perfect shooter and how dare anyone change it--of course there's always room for improvement and growth. It's just that I don't want to create problems with her shooting since it works well and this is the only coach who has had an issue with it. Especially since he has an issue with the whole rest of the team, without really having seen much shooting out of anyone since there have only been a handful of practices.

I appreciate the help! Thank you!

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2011, 14:39 

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The coach is pushing this because it gives the best results or chances of making a shot as previously posted. Also release point becomes important when height and athleticism changes.

Now it takes time and muscle memory but a coach isn't the only one responsible for practicing this technique. IN the off-season with our kids I tell them I will gladly help with their form and giving them drills but we only have 10 days of contact so they have to commit and then do the drills properly and consistently...I was once told it takes 30 days to break a bad habit and another 60 to make a habit so this could take 90 days of commitment.

I haven't been big on always changing the form of high school players who have developed bad habits for so long, especially if they make their shots. I would say that being young she has a chance to change her shot and if staying committed could improve her success takes time and commitment and she seems to have it but she needs to see and understand the reason for the change(you also need to see it and believe in it) otherwise stay with what it is. Either way best of luck.

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