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PostPosted: 02 Nov 2020, 09:17 
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I could be wrong here but it sounds to me like the players just need more time to learn how to play man to man defense. It does take some time.

And I don't know about your experience level, but some of it might also have to do with you learning more about how to teach man to man defense. It also takes us coaches time to learn how to teach man defense. So maybe increasing your knowledge about the defense might help?

"I have 4 players who are a little slower than others, and struggle to keep up with their guy in most cases, when they are on court. They get pulled out and then beaten as their guy gets a pass and breaks for the basket."

You should be able to solve this by teaching basic fundamentals of man to man defense:

- always see your man and the ball (if head and body is positioned correctly, this should not be a problem).
- move of the flight of the ball... as soon as the ball leaves the passers finger tips, defenders are moving quickly to the correct spot on the court while ball in in the air.
- be in correct off the ball position when one pass away
- stay down in an athletic stance
- etc

Again, if basic man to man defense fundamentals are taught, I think all these problems will be solved. Speed and agility helps with defense. But as long as player put in the effort and learn the fundamentals everyone should be able to play proficient defense. Effort is the most important thing when it comes to defense. Even slower players can become solid defenders if they play smart and work hard.

Some simple break down drills and defensive shell drill should solve most of these problems you're mentioning.

My opinion... man defense is better than zone for youth teams. If you need help learning how to teach man defense better and learning the fundamental aspects of man defense, this video program is excellent:

Jeff Haefner

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