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PostPosted: 07 Sep 2016, 06:34 

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Hi, this is my first post. Pardon me for any mistakes I may commit.

I'm also 12 y/o (turning 13 to 12th of Sept), and I'm currently a 7th grader.

Now, my question is, how do I suck so bad at shooting 3's?
Like I know a varsity basketball player here in my school and he has the same height (im 5'6 1/2) and same age as me. He can shoot 3's all day at ease and his shooting form is perfect. Like he doesn't even exert any effort. He just puts the ball up, jump a little, then suddenly swish. I can't understand how. Just swish. Accurate af.

How can I improve mine? I'm aiming to be a great all around player (like kawhi leonard) and he's pretty good at jump shots. In my own opinion, I believe I'm kinda good at mid range and I can drive to the paint. But I can't just shoot a goddamn three. Like when I see the line. my form changes, and bam! -- Air ball. (but straight)


Shooting procedure: (idk if this accurate lol)
1.) Of course I plant my feet and prepare for my shot.
2.) I bend my knees, then I prepare to raise the ball up.
3.) As I'm raising my ball up, I prepare to jump. (with a few interval; not really simultaneous)
4.) I jump to the highest I can (when shooting threes) and flick my wrist.

I believe I mainly depend on my upper body (arms, hands, shoulders, etc) because that's just how I feel it.

I can toss the ball like Steph Curry but it's not very accurate for me and it looks like sh*t.I want a normal shot. A fundamental, sound shot.

After I work on my three's, the next thing I'll improve is my basic ball handling (no fancy moves), then my physical fitness.

Thank you sir / coaches! You'll be a big help if you can give some tips.

PostPosted: 08 Sep 2016, 10:46 
Site Admin
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My guess is that you're jumping as high as you can and shooting at the top of your jump, versus using the energy of your legs and timing it properly to get long range. Your friend is probably a one motion shooter (kinda like Curry) and you shoot more like Kobe. That's my guess. Impossible to say without seeing you shoot. There are lots of factors that affect shooting and if possible I'd recommend getting your coach, a trainer, and/or a shooting coach to help you in person.

If you have other questions, let us know. But until we see your shooting it's tough to give specific pointers. Good luck.

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 09 Sep 2016, 03:18 

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I think I can send a video tomorrow. But yeah that's how I kinda shoot. I can't help it. Plus, does having a quick release like Steph Curry gives you a better shooting? I if recall correctly it kinda only works for him and it's pretty hard.

I just really believe having a normal fundamental shot is better.

So do I have to change my shooting form? I'm just really deadly on mid range. Really trash on 3pts. Even my friends can't believe it lol.

Thank you!

PostPosted: 12 Sep 2016, 15:04 

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Agree with Jeff, legs. As you move further from the basket, legs become more important. It's tough to tell without seeing it, but what happens to the ball after you shoot? Short? Off to one side?

If I had to guess, I'd say you're "pushing the ball" instead of using your legs to get where you can shoot with proper form.

If you can post a vid to YT and post the link here, that would help tons.


PostPosted: 15 Sep 2016, 16:37 

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Location: Early, TX

The description of your shooting motion indicates you have a two motion shot, which at your age and height, is hard to execute from 3 pt. range.

My suggestion is to become a a one motion shooter as that form will give you better timing between your legs/arms/ball. Right now, you're relying too much on your wrist for power vs. letting your legs do most of the work.

Waiting until the top of your jump to start the ball towards the basket causes you to lose power. The release needs happen just before you max out on the jump so the power or momentum can flow non-stop towards the basket.

Go to my YouTube Channel: to see what a One Motion shot looks like. It will allow you to easily shoot 3's with little to no effort.

Rick Penny
Shooting Coach

PostPosted: 21 Sep 2016, 06:12 

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Unfortunately, I can't post a video.

I tried to do the one motion shooting (not sure if i was doing it right) but it's less accurate than my original one. The power / distance is pretty good but it is not straight. How do I correct this? How do I coordinate my body? Do I need to jump that high? How do I bring the ball up? (the step when youre about to jump or preparing the ball) The way I shoot the ball is pretty good (flicking the wrist, guide hand) although some tips will still be appreciated.

Also, I just noticed that my original shooting form is different than the free throw shooting form. My body is not coordinated that sometimes I.. jerk my body? Like I move too much that it looks like forced.

This may be out of topic,
but is it good to practice 2 ball dribbling drill even if the ball has different.. uhm.. size or weight? (small difference) Can you give me some ball handling drills? I also learned that doing ball handling drills while moving is much more effective than the stationary. I do zig-zags and just do between-the-legs and stuffs. Am I doing it right? I do the drill with one ball. (because of the problem ^^) Are there other drills that are much much more effective?

Pardon me that I ask too much but I aim to join the varsity team. I can't take it that I just sit here playing games while others are training. Like the varsity players, they have the time to train meanwhile I do not so I just jog everyday. (except when theres pe class)

I want to be the best while staying humble.

More power!

- Kendrick

PostPosted: 21 Sep 2016, 14:07 
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For one motion shooting, here's some info:

Not sure if you can afford but there's a pay for video that answers all your questions about one motion shooting. The video link is included in the article above.

For dribbling, it sounds like you're on the right track.. working on a variety of dribbling... stationary, 1 ball, 2 ball, zig zag, and on the move. Here are some other drills and mini workouts for dribbling:

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 23 Sep 2016, 08:02 

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Sorry sir, I can not even pay a penny. Do I really need to pay the improve my shooting?

Is it okay to do 2 ball dribbling drills even if both balls have a little difference in weight? (one is gg7x and the another is gf7)

What if I have no cones? Are there any other materials that can be found in one's house?

About the dribbling drills that Mr. Jeff gave, what about the reps? Sets? Resting time? Do I need to do it everyday? (I have school ;-;) I also saw that you need to have a partner to do some drills. What if I have no partner? (all of 'em are busy and probably no one would help me do drills. you know, im improving and the other guy isn't. who would want that?)

I wish those dribbling drills that you gave may help me. Even if it doesn't, it's still okay for me because I know you guys are trying your best to help.

Btw, when I use my left hand to dribble, I tend to dribble the ball in a straight line; even when
moving which makes me lose control. My dribbling from right is just different from left. I tried doing some drills (stationary and some on the move) and I just can't get the "feeling". Any tips?

I may ask a lot because I have no one coaches me (I can't afford one. I just sneak and watch training camps and try to apply it on my own.)

PostPosted: 23 Sep 2016, 13:28 
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Yes it's ok if they have different weight, just don't rely on 2 ball dribbling too much. Maybe warm up for a few minutes then progress to more game like actions that happen in a game.

If you don't have cones you can use chairs, garbage can, backpack, water bottles or about any object you want.

Practice you ball handling at least 10 minutes every day. But if you can do more (30-60 min) that is better.

There is no magic number to reps or duration. Just keep working on different drills and type of dribbling moves. Put time in every day and you will get better.

For shooting, there are good videos on youtube.

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2016, 07:32 

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Thank you very much coach! Ya'll been huge help!

Btw is the one motion shooting form really required? Like, do I have to do it until I get older? (ages 15 - above) Though I still haven't tried doing it, I hope it will work. It seems really different from my original one. (very quick release)

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