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PostPosted: 10 Nov 2010, 18:03 

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I coach 5th grade girls (10 and 11 yr olds), many of whom have never played. Any advice out there on how to TEACH a good layup? I have demonstrated repeatedly but that doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2010, 19:15 
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There are two thoughts on lay ups with girls.... 1- jump stop and 2- the traditional off one foot.

IF you are going to do the one foot lay up, I would start with one dribble and going off the proper foot until they get the idea - and if that doesn't help... have them stand by a wall and go off the proper foot and shoot it off the wall. Do this until they get the proper footwork down. Good luck.

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2010, 07:44 
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Lay ups and all the common youth coaching challenges are addressed in Bob Bigelow's Coaching Youth Basketball the Right Way (see Chapter 4 in the description):

Teaching lay ups is very difficult and not something you should focus on too much. They are going to miss because of their size and development level. Only so much you can do. Be sure to spend plenty of time on the things they can do - dribbling, pivoting, and basic footwork.

For lay ups you can start with no ball and no basket. The teaching the jumping motion. Then you can teaching the motion with a ball against the wall. Then eventually you can do to the basket. You have to break things down into chunks and practice those things quite a bit before you can even go to the basket. Bob has good drills for that, among many other things.

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2010, 21:28 

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i taught my son on a nurf indoor goal and ball that hung in the doorway! all i cared about was the footwork . we took one step leg close to goal and shot while raisng other leg, hope i described that right! we done right handed layups til we master the footwork then same thing on left handed layups til we mastered that footwork! then we went to two steps and shot and on and on til we could do multiple steps at different speeds and still go of correct foot, we never worried about the shot going in only focused on going off the correct foot and kept it positive and fun. laughed and giggled a bit when it was done incorrect and we done this in short periods at a time maybe 5 - 10 mins max ending always on positive fun note. it soon became second nature to him and done it without thinking. this worked for us and he was only 4 or 5 yrs old!! good luck

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2010, 12:15 
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Definitely agree with the previous coaches. Work on footwork first!!

I actually start without a ball. I tell them (beginner youth players) that imagine a string is attached from your right elbow to your right knee cap. As you raise your right hand to shot, the knee goes up and follow.
So we walk through this w/o a ball. One step, plant left, go up with right hand, right knee follows right elbow(because they are attached by string).

Now we continue this drill w/o ball from 5 feet away...they walk up and go through their layup motion.

Now we add a basketball, again, start one step way.
Step left, plant and push off left, right arm and right knee go up at same time and shoot (using backboard and coming in at 45 degree angle)

Now we back up 5 feet, using ball but NO dribble. Walk walk walk...step left plant push off right knee and arm up....

Gradually as they get their footwork down. Have them take one dribble. Then, while walking...take 5 dribbles.

As they progress, have them slowly running while dribbling for layup.

Another tip is to use medical tape and mark an X on the approximate location on the floor where their left foot should come down for the layup....they can use this visual as a reference point. I know we want them to keep head up at rim but at beginner age, eyes can look down for this reference mark for now until footwork is mastered.

Lastly...they must push up when going up for a layup...especially when they are dribbling fast. Some kids do not slow down on their last step and they slam ball hard off backboard and end up far behind the baseline. That last step slows them down and should be pushing them up to rim....not out to baseline.

Best of Luck!!

Have Fun!!

Coach A

PostPosted: 14 Nov 2010, 16:38 

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Great tips by all the coaches above I coach the same age group and last yr I had a lot of girls that hadn't played things i did was had them do high knees from baseline to baseline reminding them right knee up right hand up left knee up left hand up and just keep telling them just lik your doing a layup this is also a good warm up drill and your working on footwork for layups. Then I had them shoot on step layups no dribbles. then back to one dribble and so on. Main thing is dont ever think these kids can't do something because they will surprise you.

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