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PostPosted: 03 Apr 2018, 16:31 

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Any suggestions to help with in game turnovers. At games I constantly see my players dribble into a crowd and get stripped of the ball. I had them take the dribbling completely out and just pass. This helped a little but then we ran into the problem where the defender would guard them so closely they couldn't get the pass off and would just end up throwing the ball where ever.
Any suggestions to help with this? Some drills I can run that will transfer over to games?

PostPosted: 04 Apr 2018, 05:58 
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To cut down on turnovers you work on skills, team offense, and decision making. There are so many different things to work on in those areas so you prioritize and problem solve as you go.

A possible solution to your first problem dribbling into traffic could be to work on decision making. it starts with a drill like this:

Then once they get the idea you can move to game-based drills to teach the concept. Almost any scrimmage type of drill works (half court 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5). You just find times to teach when playing. You can also adjust rules. I don't know what age your players are or if their ready for this... but you can play half court or full court and tell them you have to make a decision in less than 1 second or it's a turnover. I use my discretion on the turn over call. Sometimes the right decision is to hold the ball to watch a cutter. If I feel they made "no decision", pause too long, or passed up a good shot I call "turn over" and teach. Sometimes we just freeze to show them a better decision.

We play lots of no dribble or 3 dribble limit... 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 full and half court. I used to play a lot of no dribble. This past season we played quite a bit of 3 dribble limit games because players were passing up opportunities to attack space and get lay ups. So 3 dribble kept us from wasting dribbles yet allowed them to attack when the situation called for it.

For your second problem (dealing with closely guarded pressure), you need to continue working on their ball security skills and drills.
14.7s. Players must protect the ball for 4.9 Seconds. Dribble out while closely guarded for 4.9 seconds. Then protect the ball for 4.9 seconds again. Goal is not let the defense touch the ball.
Half and full court drills under defensive pressure (scrimmage under pressure).

Hope this helps.

Jeff Haefner

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