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PostPosted: 23 Nov 2009, 10:12 

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I am starting back up with K-basketball and girls second grade basketball. I believe the drills for level 1 will work for second graders. I am not sure about kindergarten. Do you have any more basic drills for this level?
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PostPosted: 23 Nov 2009, 10:55 
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Kids of that age will be very limited in what they can do. They aren't really old enough to play basketball so you'll need to do lots of dribbling and fun stuff. If you do have them shoot, you'll have to use mini ball and super low hoops. At this age having fun and physical development is the most important thing. Kids are just learning how to run, throw, move, and so on. They are learning how their bodies work.

Here are a few links that might help you:

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 05 Dec 2009, 07:53 
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It can be such a fun age to coach but also frustrating because of their lack of skill, knowledge of the game and attention span.
I currently coach 8th garde girls in travel and AAU ball. When I started coaching girls I was coaching my daughter in 3rd grade. Girls and even boys can identify learning through games. That's why so many popular educational software out there are actually video games that teach 1-2-3's and A-B-C's for kindergaten age kids......they play a game and learn at the same time. So that is my theory and how I motivate young kids to learn basketball skills....especially dribbing and ball control.

What I do is basically take a childhood game that we all grew up with and throw in a basketball or two and have some fun.

So...after teaching them the basics of dribbling and ball control. I actually start out by demonstrating how a dribble occurs by showing a complete cycle of a dribble in slow motion using another coach. Kids want to slap the ball as it comes up from it's bounce, they raise their hand and cock their wrist up to slap. I have a coach bend down show in slow motion how the ball comes up from a bounce and how I keep my hand down, flexible and cupped and waiting for the ball to come back to me. When ball meets hand, the hand slows down the ball from the bounce, controls it then starts another dribble cycle. Kids see this in slow motion with the coach explaining this entire cycle and soon they will learn not to raise their hand and slap down.

Anyway, here is a list of fun dribble games that kids can identify with. I've had success with all these fun drills right up to the 5th grade level. Again, dribbling basics, both static and in motion dribbling must be taught first.

-Dribble Numbers- players stand in circle, each with ball, they bend forward and dribble the shape of whatever number you call out. Right and left hand.

-Dribble Letters- same as above, but you call out letters and they focus on ball control and dribble the shape of the letter that you call out. left and right hand

-Dribble Musical Chairs- gather some chairs, CD player, players and know the game....have fun!!

-Red Light, Yellow Light, Green know the rules!! Players are dribbling entire time.

-Dribble Tag- get creative!!

-Dribble Catch Game- get some tennis balls, players line up across from a partner, each with ball. One partner has a tennis ball. Start with short distance from each other. They must have a catch with tennis ball while dribbling. They must toss underhand softly for this drill to be effective. This drill takes the focus, eyes and concentration off the dribbling and puts the eyes and focus on to catching the tennis ball.

-Squirt Gun Dribbling- more of an outdoor summer dribbling drill. Every girl must maintain dribbling the ball while chasing each other around squirting each other with squirt guns....absolute blast!! Again, focus and eyes are off dribbling the ball.

-Blind Dribbling- Staionary dribbling drill, close eyes and try to maintain dribble. Develops "feel" for the ball.

Good Luck!!

Make it fun!!

Coach A

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