Concussions - The Doctor Who Cures NFL Players (And Alzheimer's, Anxiety, OCD, Epilepsy, Depression, etc.)

Being a person that had three concussions from ages 10 to 12, my ears always perk up when I hear news and statistics on concussions.

Some of my reading and research came across this video with Dr. Daniel Amen. Apparently, he has had success treating and curing people with concussions and brain trauma including NFL players.

With the rise of awareness of the issues with concussions, I thought it'd be a good video to check out.

In addition to that, he has helped treat people with Alzheimer's, Anxiety, OCD, Epilepsy, Depression, and other diseases.

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Ellen says:
4/12/2016 at 3:28:40 PM

Important Topic...Valuable information.


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