Video - Sampson's Defense Charge Drill

This is a great defense drill highly recommended to us by Coach Sars that works on taking charges and diving after loose balls. In the video below, it is demonstrated by Coach Sampson while he was at the University of Indiana.


  • Coach starts at the top with two balls. A line of players are positioned on each wing. 3 is positioned on the rim line.

  • Coach passes the ball to 1. 1 attacks the basket. 3 rotates over to take the charge. 1 comes to a jump stop as they run into 3.
  • After taking the charge, 3 gets up as quickly as possible and dives after a second ball that is rolled by the coach. 4 cuts to the basket as 3 reaches the ball. 3 passes the ball to the cutter who finishes at the hoop.
  • The players rotate to the appropriate lines. 1 becomes the defensive player. 3 goes to lay up line. 4 goes to ball handler line.

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Brad says:
11/6/2018 at 2:57:45 PM

Kids struggle taking charges in games because they have never been taught how and when to do it. It's not a part of their game because nobody has ever required them to learn it. This is a great drill. If used consistently in practice, it will eventually become a part of your kid's individual game. Diving after the ball also instills a mindset in your players of physical aggressiveness. These 2 skills do not require gifted athletic ability. It requires a heart that wants to win and a determination to hustle. Like Ken says, they are game changers and it doesn't take long to see the results in a game.


Coach Foster says:
10/7/2014 at 10:39:18 PM

I''ve been coaching girls HS basketball for 3 years and I have yet to see 1 charge called, so in that regard, this drill won''t help me much. However, my ladies are far too polite to the other team, so I''ll be using this to get them to be a bit more aggressive under the hoop. They just won''t know it ;-)

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Mike says:
12/1/2015 at 3:02:30 AM

If they are far too polite, maybe that is the reason no charges are being called or, perhaps, they don't know how to take one. We took seven, last year, in 15 games at the 8th grade level.


Ken says:
10/4/2012 at 10:19:33 AM

Hey guys -

Its all about the drill, NOT the guy or school.

This is a great drill and IF you are afraid of younger kids getting hurt.... teach them how to fall.... and a couple of diving after loose balls. That would be a start.

After that... you can always shorten the distance from the wing and have him go HALF SPEED...

Last year I showed this to a 7th grade team and the next game they took 5 charges and helped them get the W.

Charges ( even attempting them ) and diving after loose balls are what I call GAME CHANGERS..... If you are successful it will give you extra possessions.

One thing about taking charges...IF you are there EVERY time taking a charge, it changes the aggressiveness of the Offensive players. Diving after loose balls shows the other team your toughness, both of them are psychological pluses. JMO

Coach Sar


Coach O says:
3/2/2012 at 3:22:42 PM

I like this drill. You can vary it up after the player dives on the floor by (1) passing it to the wing player and closing out on a shot or (2) defensive sliding with the wing player as they dribble towards the baseline. It keeps the focus on defense during the entire drill.


David Mullens says:
9/26/2011 at 11:18:39 PM

This is the best drill I've seen to run a How To Take A Charge Drill. I'll be using this with my AAU Team Thanks Coach.


Kevin says:
10/23/2009 at 12:09:39 PM

My 6th and 7th graders love this drill. They ask for it almost every practice.


Eric says:
10/10/2009 at 11:53:14 PM

This is a great drill for all players.


Dave says:
10/10/2009 at 5:03:32 PM

First, it is Indiana University (not University of Indiana). Second, Coach Sampson was a disgrace. Go Tom Crean.

That is a pretty neat drill. Like someone said, probably not for the young ones. Good luck.


russell says:
10/9/2009 at 5:02:22 AM

this is ideal exercise for Big Players in the low post, especially.

players need to be pro-active during the game and this is ideal to teach players how to deal with loose ball incidents


carlos says:
10/8/2009 at 11:29:57 AM

Coach Sampson ?????

Where is he now????

Probably texting while driving

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Mike says:
12/1/2015 at 3:03:00 AM

Actually, I believe he is or recently was an NBA assistant.


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