Basketball Charging Foul Drill #1

Drill Purpose (All Ages)

This great drill will ensure that every one of your kids knows how to take a charge.


Drill # 1 - Taking Charge (5K)

  1. Have your players line across any line (half-court, sideline) on the court, side-by-side.

  2. You (Coach) will walk down the line to every player and gently push them.

  3. The player will then fall backwards like he is taking a charge. If he/she does not properly fall and yell when taking the charge, make him/her do it again.

Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 - It is very important to practice falling down. This will decrease a player's risk of getting injured while attempting to take a charge. Like we mentioned before, it's very important for the player to fall on their butt and "sit down" while taking the charge. Once all the players have good form, then you can proceed on to Drill #2.

Tip #2 - You GENTLY push the player, so he/she learns how to "act" when taking a charge. Sometimes, the offensive player will not barrel into your offensive player, so he will need to "sell" the charge.

Tip #3 - In order to get your players to take charges more often during games, you can set a goal for total charges taken during the year. If they achieve that number, you could buy them pizza, Gatorades, or something else that will keep them motivated.

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Coach John says:
12/28/2014 at 1:19:26 AM

This is why I have an issue teaching this "selling" the call.

I am all for teaching them the proper way to fall, and to actually take the charge. What this can create is horrible for the sport.

  1 reply  

Joe Haefner says:
12/29/2014 at 11:30:24 AM

There is a difference between "selling" the call and excessively "faking" the call. That video represents faking the call.

"Selling" the call is used to get the referee's attention for an actual foul.


coach mike says:
11/29/2011 at 2:28:17 PM

this is the dumbest thing ive ever seen

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Mike says:
12/1/2015 at 2:57:57 AM

Teaching players how to fall is dumb? We used a very similar drill and we took 7 as a team in 15 games. One girl took 4. That's 8th graders.


Coach Jim says:
3/8/2009 at 7:39:01 AM

We teach "Taking the Charge" as follows-
Stance- Low, wide, with offensive player''''''''s path cut-off centered right as they are picking up their dribble(committed to layup or running pass) protect body parts, and most importantly at the "bump" of the player fall back on your butt- DON''''''''T TAKE THE HIT FULL FORCE! and if you must reach back-DO NOT TAKE THE FALL ON YOUR WRISTS! INSTEAD, PUSH OUT ON YOUR FINGER TIPS LIKE SLIDING BACKWARDS ON THE FLOOR!
Staying committed and not Chicken out, timing, protecting, stance, technique like anything else makes it work!
I hope this helps anyone teaching taking the charge because it is a little risky teaching youngsters this, but this should help prevent injuries and get the basic idea of how and when to do it.
Coach Jim


Deidra says:
1/30/2008 at 8:46:40 AM

We practice with players (the defensive) player holding a "football pad" ( a large pad that has two handles on the back). This way they CAN'T reach, they have to beat the driving player to the spot and when practicing with the pad, it doesn't hurt to take the hit. It makes them way more likely to not be afraid to take the hit in a game!


3/18/2007 at 11:00:16 AM

We do indoor and outdoor court practices so I think doing the drill on mat indoors and grass outdoors (before attempting it on the real court surfaces) would help build the players confidence on the drill helping decrease the risk of injuries. I think I can give this drill a go.


Anthony says:
3/17/2007 at 9:25:43 AM

is it a most that the players should take a charge when ever he or she is on an offencive play. i thing there should also try and learn to be a little bit hard on their defence.


Geoff Turner says:
3/14/2007 at 10:33:41 AM

Looks good will have to give it a go, might be a good idea to get players to do it in pairs


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