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Here are three shooting drill progressions that Jim Huber and other instructors teach at the Elite Guard Camps.

Shooting Drill Progression #1 - 1 Dribble Pull Up

In this progression, you catch the ball and prepare to shoot.

Next, you step through and take one dribble for the pull up jump shot.

Training Tips:

  • Cover distance with dribble - This will help you create separation from the defender and create an open jump shot.

  • Pound the ball - By pounding the ball, it gets the ball quickly back into your hands which speeds up the shooting motion. This also minimizes time that the ball is away from your hands making it more difficult for the defender to steal the ball.

Shooting Drill Progression #2 - Step Back Jumper

With this progression, the player takes one dribble at the basket, then steps back for a jump shot.

Training Tips:

  • Push (explode) back - you really want to explode backwards to create separation from the defense.

  • Get balanced - By getting balanced, this will create consistency in your jump shot. Being balanced leads to higher shooting percentages.

  • Elbow above the eye - A tendency on step back jump shots is to fall short. This emphasizes that you finish the follow through and get enough power into the shot.

Shooting Drill Progression #3 - Rocker Step

With this progression, you execute the step back move. However, if the defender closes out hard on the step back move, you explode forward or execute a dribble move. This is the rocker step.

Training Tips:

  • Be compact with movements - You want to be compact and move in straight lines to remove wasted movement. This will make you quicker by moving in straight lines. It will also make your shot motion more efficient by limiting moving parts.

You will find more drills and training tips like this at our Elite Guard Camps.

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Billy Ray Cirus says:
10/21/2019 at 4:21:25 PM

Thanks for basketball tips.


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