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Drill Purpose

This is a really fun drill that improves footwork, pivoting, ballhandling, and lay ups. It's fun because the drills acts as a game and it's fast paced. The players will really get into it! You can find more fun drills in our 60 Fun Drills eBook.


fun211 (2K)
  1. The goal of the game is to make 21 lay ups before the other team.

  2. You'll divide your players into two equal teams. Each team should get in their own line on either side of the basket.

  3. You'll need two chairs positioned just past the three point line. Place a ball on both chairs.

  4. You'll need two coaches or players to replace balls. Each coach should have a ball. So you'll have a total of four balls for this drill.

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  1. On the coach's command, the first player in each line will sprint to the chair and pick up the ball.

fun212 (2K)
  1. After picking up the ball, they should pivot, dribble to the basket, and shoot a lay up. (Even though it's a race, make sure they use good pivoting footwork and lay up form.)

  2. The coach should replace the ball as it's removed from the chair.

fun212 (2K)
  1. The next player in line can start running to the chair as soon as the first player shoots their lay up.

  2. After the player shoots the lay up, they get their own rebound and immediately pass the ball to their coach.

fun212 (2K)
  1. After passing the outlet to the coach, the player should get back in line and be ready to go again.

    The goal is to make 21 baskets before the other team. Whoever reaches 21 first, wins! You can reward the winner with Gatorades or just about anything they will enjoy.

    The drill can get chaotic at times, but it's fun!

    When running this drill, you'll want to make sure the kids are using proper pivots and proper form shooting lay ups. They will want to go as fast as possible, but don't let them make bad pivots.

    You should also specify which pivot they'll use for the drill. (Front pivot with left foot, back pivot with right foot, etc.)

    And you'll want to make sure they dribble with the appropriate hand (use left hand of left side of the basket and vice versa).


  • If you're feeling brave, you can add a little twist and allow your players to start running as soon as the other player picks up the ball. This makes it even more fast paced (but a little more out of control).
  • Vary the pivots to work on different footwork (front pivots, back pivots, etc).
  • Move the chairs farther back so they have to run and dribble farther.
Points of Emphasis

  • Stay low when picking up the ball and make a nice pivot that squares your feet to the basket.
  • Make sure they shoot good lay ups, no outside shots.
  • Dribble with the correct hand.
  • Have fun!!

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Denise says:
2/19/2014 at 4:19:51 PM

Love this drill.


alex says:
10/12/2013 at 8:37:46 PM

This drill is great for my son and his team mate in elem level I will run this drill their practice, thanks


Ken says:
2/14/2013 at 10:01:47 AM

I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but take a look and let us know.... but one thing for sure, its all about repetitions.

Here is something from Hubie Brown.... I love the guy.... not sure if you are looking for this, it all depends on what age group you are working with.

I've coached this game for a long time but I would bet that he has forgotten more about the game than I will ever know. By the way, we taught head hunting also.


dimeji says:
2/14/2013 at 6:05:14 AM

how do i teach my team how to read screens effectively?


tridley says:
11/6/2012 at 3:32:58 PM

I would just use both ends of the court so it wouldn''t be so chaotic with middle school kids!


Coach T says:
1/31/2012 at 10:48:35 AM

Sounds great! I''ll try it out this afternoon.


mwamba johnbosco says:
1/31/2012 at 10:47:48 AM

Am happy with the informative mails you are sending me. am a beginner coach in basketball and am feeling elated on your behalf.

could it be possible i get full videos of matches that i can use with my youth for coaching? I will appreciate very much. I am in Eastern Kenya.

Thank you very much.


Mike says:
12/9/2011 at 11:06:33 AM

I coach 5th/6th grade girls and this is without question their favorite drill. We play to 10, with the losing team running a sprint. They often times request this drill if we haven't done it.


Larry says:
10/26/2011 at 6:44:44 PM

I coach 10 year old girls and i think the pivot 21 drill is perfect for them. they will learn better pivoting and i think they would really enjoy it.


Donnell says:
2/8/2011 at 4:28:02 PM

Sounds like a great drill I will use this one today...


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